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Diapason- Pierre Rigaudière
Papillon noir

Voice of the Hereafter at the Festival " Les Musiques de Marseille "
At each National Center of Music Creation its showcase. That of the GMEM in Marseille, the festival Musics, raised its curtain with "ThLe Papillon noir " ambitious operatic monodrama Yann Robin on a text by the writer Yannick Haenel, directed by Arthur Nauzyciel. The meeting of the vocal ensemble Les Métaboles (12 singers) and the Multilateral Ensemble (13 musicians) was certainly a rich idea. In the first place, because it blatantly opens the writing of a composer that we began to associate a little too systematic to the "saturation". The crushed sounds of the strings or clefts of the reeds are certainly there, as are the strokes on the instrument case or the strings of the piano, as well as the massive percussion reinforcements. But they are only part of the palette, also rich in Ligeti raw lights, subtle iridescence, resonances and meticulously proportioned mixtures. Chief conductor of Metaboles, Leo Warynski also demonstrates great expertise: his work on the balances between the instruments and the choir is remarkable, as is his preparation for this quarter-tone choir, the requirement for rhythmic tone, and the fashions. diversified emission - several textures of white noise, strohbass register, diffracted sounds.