Les Métaboles ensemble is clearly a star of the first importance

Télérama - Sophie Bourdais
Jardin féérique - album

From Ravel to Saint-Saëns or Britten, the vocal group Les Métaboles, opens the doors of its Eden

Need air ? "Jardin féérique", bucolic album, third opus of les Métaboles, reaches out to you. We walk there or we fantasize about a more or less tamed nature. Aphrodite, goddess of Love, is moved by the divine sounds produced by St Cécilia, patroness of musicians, and supernatural creatures populate the pretty "Bois d'Ormonde". The evenings are long, meditative, bewitching. The drama broods when the birds of paradise return from the war, and disappears when the lazy John finds love by cutting broom ....
In this extraordinary garden, we find humans who sing English as well as French, with beautiful expressive voices, able to adapt to different scriptures and to (re) create the atmosphere each time.
The repertoire mixes well-known pieces, such as Maurice Ravel's "Three Songs" (1875-1937), and others that are less so, such as these transcriptions of "le jardin féérique"and "La Vallée des cloches", from Ravelian cycles "Ma Mère l'Oye "and" Mirroir ". The nostalgic pieces of Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) are to be rediscovered, the "Hymn to St Cecilia", by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), as well as his "Five Flowers Songs" particularly appealing, and R. Murray Schafer (born in 1933) offers a postscript with an exuberant vocality. In the galaxy of a cappella choral singing, the Métaboles, founded in 2010 and directed by Léo Warynski, has clearly established itself as a star of primary importance.