Creation - Recreation, de Rameau à Hersant / Concert

Création - Recréation
De Rameau à Hersant

Ligeti, Lux Aeterna

Hersant, Psaume 130

Benevolo, Messe à quatre chœurs

Rameau, Laboravi 

Juta Pranulyte, création

Les Métaboles
Léo Warynski, musical direction

A program which travels from old scores - Rameau and Benevolo - to resolutely modern works : Ligeti and Hersant and the creation of Juta Pranulyte, young Lithuanian composer.



Friday, July, 10 2020Canceled - Création-Recréation, de Rameau à HersantAbbaye de Royaumont - Asnière-sur-Oise
6 pm

Fenêtre sur cour(s)


From July 6 to 10, under the leadership of Léo Warynski, young choir conductors will have had the chance to conduct one of the best current vocal ensembles : les Métaboles, ensemble in residence at Royaumont (2019-2021).
The session will have allowed to approach the technique of choir direction, the specificities of interpretation of each of the repertories worked, as well as the challenges of the artistic direction of a choir. Sessions of musicological analysis have been planned with Louis Castelain (CMBV).

The young conductors will also have benefited from the advice of Philippe Hersant during an exceptional rehearsal in his presence.

On July 10, Fenêtre sur cour(s)] will be an opportunity for the laureates to direct several works worked during the session.