De profundis



Marc-Antoine Charpentier is the author of an original and very personal music, which flourished in choral music. This program celebrates the exceptional expressive power of this heritage, nourished by a sensibility that balances ideally between the freedom inherited from the Italian style and the rigor of the French style. The three works sung in this program are all facets of her art, three singular ways to make the singing resonate: whether by the bursting of voices in the Salve Regina with three choruses, the Italian mannerism of the Transfige Dulcissime Jesu or the outline of the four-part Mass of the Dead, probably composed at the same time as the famous midnight mass. What fascinates Charpentier is his fertile imagination, a permanent inventiveness and a science of contrasts in the service of the right expression. This is perhaps what connects this singular music to one of the greatest French composers of our time, Philippe Hersant, whose work likes to build bridges with the past and use immediate references to Baroque music. Psalm CXXX for viola da gamba, organ and choir, is perhaps the most successful example. Written in tribute to Baroque music in general and that of Bach in particular, this Psalm proves that music is capable of abolishing borders and linking epochs between them.

De Profundis

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Salve Regina à trois choeurs H 24
Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Transfige, dulcissime Jesu H 251
Marc-Antoine CharpentierMesse des Morts à quatre voix H7
Jean Sébastien BachAus tiefer Not, choral BWV 38/6 
Philippe Hersant, Psaume 130 pour choeur, viole de gambe et orgue 

Les Métaboles (16 singers)
Denis Comtet, organ
Juliette Guignard, viola de Gambe

Léo Warynski, direction

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Ovation by a public, surprised and finally conquered

 - De Profundis au Festival de Ribeauvillé


Saturday, September 28 2019De profundisFestival de musique ancienne - Ribeauvillé

Concert Hersant - Charpentier

Les Métaboles (16 singers)
Organ : Denis Comtet
Viola da gamba : Juliette Guignard

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