Jardin féérique / release party

Jardin féérique

Benjamin BrittenHymn to Cecilia, Five Flower Songs

Camille Saint-Saëns Romance du soir, Calme des nuits, Les fleurs des arbres, Des pas dans l’allée 

Maurice Ravel Trois chansons pour chœur a cappella

Maurice Ravel / Thierry Machuel Le Jardin féérique 

Maurice Ravel / Clytus Gottwald  - La Vallée des cloches 

Murray SchaferMiniwanka ou le cycle de l’eau

Les Métaboles

Léo Warynski, musicale direction

Recorded on the NoMadMusic label, le Jardin féérique is a program of a cappella work in which nature is alternately harmonic garden or fantastic, place of contemplation or reflection, or simply soundscape.



Saturday, March 28, 2020Le Jardin féerique - CD release concertCathédrale Notre-Dame-du-Liban - Paris

Léo Warynski and the Métaboles take you to their magical garden !

After Mysterious Nativity "A very beautiful disc to recommend to our listeners" (France Musique)
and Une nuit americaine "One of the best French choirs", (Resmusica)
the new disc Jardin féérique disc is out in March.

The exit concert will take place on March 28 at the Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Liban. le Jardin féérique is an a cappella program - Ravel, Saint-Saëns, Britten and Schafer - in which nature is alternately harmonic or fantastic garden, place of contemplation or reflection, or simply a soundscape.
The a cappella vocal writing of the composers recorded on this disc reveals, by their precision and their attention to detail, that they were also great orchestrators.
The Métaboles and their conductor, Léo Warynski, paid particular attention to the intelligibility and expressiveness of the voices, but also to the restitution of this orchestral dimension by means of all the dynamic palette that a choir can offer: the almost whispered piano at the strongest the widest and most intense.

Les métaboles
Leo Warynski, musical direction