Le jour juste avant l'océan



This original project brings together the Orchestre National de Jazz, the Ensemble Multilatérale and Les Métaboles for a creation at the crossroads between theatre and music, with one unique and ambitious goal: the quest for the extraordinary. Long-time fellow traveller of Multilatérale, Raphaël Cendo is the driving force behind this collaboration, enriched by the texts of Rodrigo Garcia.

The “sound” vision of the composer requiring a text, taken here from the writings of the unconventional author and director Rodrigo Garcia, the presence of a vocal ensemble became necessary, with the participation of six singers from the Les Métaboles choir. The creative process of this Unidentified Musical Object will take place over time, with different stages where Multilatérale, Les Métaboles, the ONJ, Raphaël Cendo and Léo Warynski, who will be in charge of the musical direction, will get together.

This creative approach, this sharing of universes, will necessarily lead to something new, a truly contemporary piece, in tune with a generation of today’s artists who place the work and the music above everything else, far beyond aesthetic considerations, boundaries between styles, insurmountable limits or impossible combinations.


Projet carried out in partnership with La Muse en Circuit, Centre National de Création Musicale​. Co-command Les Métaboles - Multilatérale - Orchestre National de Jazz - La Muse en circuit

Le jour juste avant l'océan

Raphael Cendo

based on texts by Rodrigo Garcia

Les Métaboles (6 singers)
Ensemble Multilatérale
Orchestre National de Jazz

Léo Warynski, direction

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The singers give a galvanizing vitality to the ensemble

ResMusica - Michèle Tosi
 - Le jour juste avant l'océan