" Full commitment, with enthusiasm, energy "

Guerre et paix - Les Musicales (Colmar)

"In the trenches of Lagny" and "La Strasbourgeoise" offer a popular, intimate vision of the war; the first work, anonymous, approaches the Great War with going, the second, the war of 70 with the words and interrogations of a child who learns that he is an orphan; the enchantment, if it is possible that the misfortune of some can make the happiness of others, is just as obvious as for the three plays (text and music) of Maurice Ravel always evoking the war, for the "Locus iste" de Bruckner and a motet by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; the voices are haunting, the diction clear, the engagement joyful ... and communicative since the Ode to joy, the fourth and pacifist fourth movement of the 9th Beethovenian symphony, was given with the help of the public.
A full commitment, with enthusiasm, of energy

For the creation of Dimitri Tchesnokov's "Cantata for Peace", les Metaboles were associated with about thirty children from the fourth grade of the local Victor-Hugo college; singers and singers were at the height of the event, because what was proposed was not a (small) turn of song, approximate and timid, but a full commitment, with enthusiasm, energy , a clarity of pronunciation, nuances and a soundness of tone and rhythm ... that must have seduced the composer, who in this circumstance had donned the pianist's clothes.

In the usual configuration and in the company of Marc Coppey, both artistic director of the festival, multicard cellist and conductor (from Tuesday evening), Métaboles sang Svyati by John Taverner then "Métamorphoses" by Philippe Hersant, two opus known as contemporary music. If the first (1995) is a long ecstatic chant almost monodic text reduced to a minimum but constantly repeated by eleven voices, the second, composed in 2013 on poems written by prisoners of the central Clairvaux, is all violence retained , like a deaf scream "made up", the cello often taking all its share, "lamento", only to emphasize "urgency or latent despair. A great work ... a set in unison.