A season of concerts

Discover the ensemble, Léo Warynski and the full extent of our repertoire through this video which traces a season of concerts

Jonathan Harvey - The Angels

EPK - Recording at Royaumont - Autumn 2020

Bernard Cavanna - Messe un jour ordinaire

Created in 1994, Messe un jour ordinaire was rewritten 20 years later by its composer, Bernard Cavanna, in order to reinforce the presence of voice and choir

Cori Spezzati

The art of spatialized choirs from the Baroque to the present day. Recording France Musique at Royaumont - Autumn 2020

Le Papillon noir

Yann Robin and Yannick Haenel, with the help of Arthur Nauzyciel, imagined a unique monodrama, an unidentified operatic object with 27 artists on stage, directed by Léo Warynski

Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder Walzer

EPK - Recording at Royaumont - Autumn 2020

Johannes Brahms - Liebeslieder Walzer

Concert recorded at Royaumont Abbey on Sunday September 2, 2020, during the Royaumont Festival.

Eric Whitacre - Sleep

Les Métaboles, directed by Léo Warynski, performs Sleep by Eric Whitacre. Extract from the special concert in Strasbourg recorded by France Musique on September 21, 2018.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier

An extract from the concert given at the Ribeauvillé Festival on Saturday September 28, 2019

Recording for NomadPlay application

Léo Warynski and Les Métaboles were in Vézelay for a week to record their voices for NomadPlay.
This application, developed by NoMadMusic, allows users to put ON / OFF any instrumentalist or singer on a recorded tape to rehearse and play their part.

Teaser perfumes of "Une nuit américaine"

Les Métaboles - Léo Warynski, direction.
Une nuit américaine - Olfactory concert, an original and unique concept in France

Philippe Hersant - Psaume CXXX

Ronald Martin Alonso, Viola da Gamba
Denis Comtet, Organ
Direction : Léo Warynski

Recorded concert in april 2017 Concert - Couvents des Dominicains de Haute Alsace "O Sacrum convivium"
Captation & mounting Bertrand Fritsch

Morten Lauridsen - O Magnum Mysterium

Les Métaboles Direction : Léo Warynski Recorded concert in june 2015 - Eglise luthérienne des Billettes, Paris
Lights : Rosario de Sanctis, Daniel Dassens
Captation : Hugo Warynski, Sophie Margat

Francis Poulenc - O Magnum Mysterium

O Magnum Mysterium, F. Poulenc

Les Métaboles
Direction : Léo Warynski

Recorded concert in december 2015 - Eglise luthérienne des Billettes, Paris

Francis Poulenc - Hodie Christus natus est

Hodie, Christus natus est - Francis Poulenc
Les Métaboles
Direction : Léo Warynski
December 2015 - Église des Billettes - Paris

Georg Friedrich Haendel - Dixit Dominus, Gloria

Vocal Ensemble Les Métaboles & Hemiolia Ensemble
Léo Warynski, direction
Recorded concert during "Festival de Musique Ancienne de Ribeauville"; Eglise Saint-Grégoire de Ribeauvillé October 2014