"a divine parenthesis in a music lover's life"

Est-Ouest, d'un continent à l'autre

Of a rare emotional intensity, the vocal concert produces not all Les Métaboles Tuesday evening at the church Saints-Pierre and Paul d'Eguisheim literally filled a public come in number.
The precise, calm and professional gesture, the choir leader Leo Warynski took his singers on an extraordinary journey from East to West, from one continent to another as the title of the concert so well announced. Pieces interpreted with purity by all the singers letting escape deep bass or breathtaking tessitura tenors. A vocal harmony that left speechless audiences speechless. (...) It was therefore very difficult to leave the pews of the church when exorably would end this concert and, down on earth, the public still had to face the elements. Keeping however an unalterable memory of a moment of pure happiness, a divine parenthesis in a life of music lover.