Impeccable song

Ouest France
Une nuit américaine

Les semaines musicales de Quimper
Two memorable concerts. On one side, Metaboles delight the public with their impeccable song. On the other, the Duo Estampes impresses with its instrumental mastery.
Three reminders. The audience could no longer let go of the Metaboles singers and their leader, Leo Warynski. It must be said that the program was original, little known and especially interpreted with a rare perfection.
The concert was imagined by the young conductor with several stages, from dusk to sleep, then dawn ... Meanwhile, sleep, dream ... Starting with the "Motets" Aaron Copland, this evening announced a very beautiful night to come. Then Steven Stucky's "Whisper", a very nice tribute to Byrd's "Ave Verum", followed by Morton Feldman's plays and Morten Lauridsen's "O magnum mysterium", whose meditative character led quietly to a deep sleep. The second part of this concert was devoted to Samuel Barber. The best-known American composers in France, with the only piece that crossed the Atlantic, the unmistakable " Agnus Dei ", who was at first a string quartet, moved the audience. As a reminder, the artists had chosen to interpret a transcript of Maurice Ravel's "Jardin féerique", but the audience was able to enjoy two more pieces of the program, "Sleep" by Eric Whitaker, and "O magnum mysterium", once again greeted. The festival is coming to an end, and will certainly remain marked by this evening with the Metaboles, placed under the sign of perfection.