The singers give a galvanizing vitality to the ensemble

ResMusica - Michèle Tosi
Le jour juste avant l'océan

It is in the generous acoustics of the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine church in Gennevilliers, a town where the Multilateral ensemble is in residence, that Léo Warynski directs Raphaël Cendo's world premiere "Le jour juste avant l'océan". An unidentified Musical Object in the words of the composer, which puts Barullo's texts at the center of the project, a "livre dodécaphonique", all protruding from the Spanish-Argentine playwright and cinematographer Rodrigo García.

The task of Leo Warynski is as delicate as it is well assumed, in a universe oscillating between constraint and freedom, balance of forces and excess of sound. The singers give a galvanizing vitality to the ensemble and the energy passes from one instrumental ensemble to another. The title of this OMNI takes on that of Bernard-Marie Koltès, "La nuit juste avant la forêt", which Raphaël Cendo modifies the terms, preferring to spin the metaphor of the wave and the submersion.