"Great adaptability, plasticity of the sound according to the repertoire, acute attention to the homogeneity and the accuracy"

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Une nuit américaine

Leo Warynski, between choir and orchestra - A well-shared talent
An evening at the Church of the Billettes in December 2016 was part of one of the most original concerts of last season in Paris as it associated pages of American a cappella choral music performed by Léo Warynski's Les Métaboles choir. to ... fragrances imagined by perfumer Quentin Bisch! Amazing experience that Jean-Guillaume Lebrun echoed in our columns. Leo Warynski is back for a busy end of year, Royaumont in Strasbourg and Rouen in Paris.
The sound aesthetics of Metaboles? Great adaptability, plasticity of the sound depending on the repertoire, acute attention to homogeneity and accuracy. "She obsesses me," said L. Warynski : a choir that just sings is a chorus that sounds good ! He compares the discipline of the choir to that of the string quartet : "the same emotional force that comes from the fragility of the ensemble at the beginning. "