Al gran sole carico d’amore



When La Scala asked Luigi Nono to write an opera, he did not choose a linear story, but scenes of revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries : la Commune de Paris, the Russian Revolution, the events in Cuba and Vietnam. He focused on historical female figures like Louise Michel or Tamara Bunke, who belonged to the guerrilla circle around Che Guevara. In addition to the texts of revolutionaries, Nono used texts by Marx, Brecht, Castro and Arthur Rimbaud. 
In two parts, Al gran sole carico d'amore is dedicated to the conductor Claudio Abbado and the pianist Maurizio Pollin

Al gran sole carico d’amore 

Luigi Nono

Hermann Bäumer, musical direction
Elisabeth Stöppler, staging

Coro Grande
Chor of Staatstheater (Mainz), directed by Sebastian Hernandez-Laverny
Coro Piccolo
Les Métaboles, directed by Léo Warynski
SWR Experimentalstudio Freiburg
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester (Mainz)