Recorded on the NoMadMusic label, le Jardin féérique is a program of a cappella work in which nature is alternately harmonic garden or fantastic, place of contemplation or reflection, or simply soundscape. Reservation here+
This opera composed by Yann Robin marks the reunion of the brilliant director Arthur Nauzyciel and the author Yannick Haenel after the Jan Karski performance (mon nom est une fiction). A creation that explores the...+
When La Scala asked Luigi Nono to write an opera, he did not choose a linear story, but scenes of revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries : la Commune de Paris, the Russian Revolution,...+
Liebeslieder Walzer is a program of works by Johannes Brahms, mainly for choir and piano.+
A program which travels from old scores - Rameau and Benevolo - to resolutely modern works : Ligeti and Hersant and the creation of Juta Pranulyte, young Lithuanian composer.+
The ancient melody composed at the beginning of the 17 th century by Michael Praetorius, Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, finds an echo in the recent version by Jan Sandström with a double choir. This...+
Marc-Antoine Charpentier is the author of an original and very personal music, which flourished in choral music. This program celebrates the exceptional expressive power of this heritage, nourished by a sensibility that balances ideally between...+
The program of the record Mysterious Nativity was born from the companionship that unites Les Métaboles with the composer Dimitri Tchesnokov. Released in 2014 with Brilliant Classics, it’s at the origin of this concert. The...+
The Bach family is the most prolific family of musicians in history, with the most famous personality of all being Johann Sebastian Bach, undisputed genius with universal recognition. Twelve singers from the ensemble Les Métaboles...+
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