Jardin féérique


Maurice Ravel
1 - Le jardin féérique
Transcription Thierry Machuel

Camille Saint-Saëns
2 - Romance du soir
3 - Des Pas dans l’allée
4 - Les Fleurs et les Arbres
5 - Calme des Nuits

Maurice Ravel, Trois chansons
6 - I. Nicolette
7 - II. Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis
8 - III. Ronde

Maurice Ravel
9 - La vallée des cloches
Transcription Clytus Gottwald

Benjamin Britten
10 - Hymn to St. Cecilia op.27

Five Flowers Songs
11 - I. To daffodils
12 - II. The succession of the four sweet months
13 - III. Marsh flowers
14 - IV. The evening primrose
15 - V. Ballad of green broom

Raymond Murray Schafer
16 - Miniwanka or The Moments of Water


Recorded with the NoMadMusic label, Jardin féérique is an a cappella program - Ravel, Saint-Saëns, Britten and Schafer - in which nature is alternately a harmonic or fantastic garden, a place of contemplation or reflection, or simply a soundscape
 The a cappella vocal writing of the composers recorded on this disc reveals, by their precision and their attention to detail, that they were also great orchestrators Les Métaboles and their conductor Léo Warynski paid particular attention to the intelligibility and the expressiveness of the voices, but also the restitution of this orchestral dimension by means of all the dynamic palette that a choir can offer: from the almost whispered piano to the loudest and most intense.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Saint-Saëns wrote: "It is from the sounds of Nature that Music was born, as well as the sounds produced by the breath in reed stems. It’s mostly about the human voice. "

In this disc of works only a cappella, the voices pay their share to this nature which engendered them, through the highest incarnation of the device which is written music. In all of the rooms, nature is in turn a harmonic or fantastic garden, a place of contemplation or reflection, or simply a soundscape.

(Extract from the presentation text of Louis Castelain)