Trinational Choral Academy of excellence for young singers

ACTE J is aimed at 24 young singers from France, Germany and Switzerland who will be recruited during the spring of 2021. These selected young singers will meet during intense work sessions with the perspective of giving a demanding musical program in concert. . They will be supported, from rehearsal to concert, by professional singers who will accompany them and advise them in terms of vocal technique as well as other aspects of choir work. They will be conducted by renowned professional choir directors. They will live an intensive musical experience, close to the rhythm of a professional project where intercultural exchange takes pride of place.

ACTE J, trinational choral academy of excellence for young people is an initiative of Choir 3 Internationale Akademie im Dreiländereck, Freiburg (D) carried out in partnership with Cadence, regional music center (F), VokalAkademieBerlin - dir. Frank Markowitsch (D), Les Métaboles - dir. Léo Warynski (F), Basler Madrigalisten -dir. Raphael Immoos (CH), Ensemble Chœur 3 (CH) - dir. Abélia Nordmann.

More information and inscription on the web site Cadence, pole musical régional

ACTE J - choral academy

Frank Markowitsch, artistic direction
Catherine Fender et Abélia Nordmann, choir conductor

Les Métaboles (direction Léo Warynski - France)
Basler madrigalisten (direction Raphaël Immoos - Switzernad)
VokalAkademie Berlin (direction Frank Markowitsch - Germany)