Le Papillon Noir



This opera composed by Yann Robin marks the reunion of the brilliant director Arthur Nauzyciel and the author Yannick Haenel after the Jan Karski performance (mon nom est une fiction). A creation that explores the carnal density of memories and emotions.

Coming home one night, straight after a car accident, a woman feels her memory coming back to the edge of her consciousness and remembers all the fragments that make up what one calls the self: the happy times and the bereavements, the emotions and the memories imbued with eroticism, the dark thoughts, the people close to her, her emotions when faced with art…

Like a stream of consciousness, Papillon Noir is sung in a continuous yet halting breath by the soprano Elise Chauvin. Punctuated by the echoes of the Bardo Thödol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Papillon Noir is an operatic monodrama, for voice, instrumental ensemble, choir and electronic devices, that creates a dialogue between music and text, awakening and forgetting, the secular and the sacred.

State commission - gmem - Métaboles - Multilatérale with the support of the Fondation Ernst Von Siemens pour la musique. With Fonds de création lyrique and la Copie privée


Yann Robin

Les Métaboles (13 singers)
Ensemble Multilatérale

Yann Robin, music
Yannick Haenel, libretto
Arthur Nauzyciel, spacial installation

Elise Chauvin, actor - singer
gnem, live electronics
Léo Warynski, direction

Premiered on May 12th 2018

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Diapason- Pierre Rigaudière
 - Papillon noir


Friday, November 19 2021Le Papillon NoirThéâtre d'Arras


Une femme rentre chez elle. Elle se met à l’aise, se sert un verre à boire, se prépare à manger. Bientôt, son discours, comme un flux de pensée, révèle des failles d’où jaillissent des images, des souvenirs. Elle se rend compte, et le public avec elle, qu’elle est sous le choc : elle vient d’avoir un accident de voiture... 


Saturday, October 23 2021Le Papillon NoirThéâtre national de Bretagne, Rennes

A woman comes home. She gets comfortable, helps herself a glass to drink, gets ready to eat. Soon, his speech, like a flow of thought, reveals loopholes from which images, memories spring up. She realizes, and the audience with her, that she is in shock: she has just had a car accident ...


Monday, April 12, 2021 - 9 pmLe Papillon noirChaîne youtube de Multilatérale

On line broadcast here 

Yann Robin and Yannick Haenel, with the help of Arthur Nauzyciel, imagined a unique monodrama, an unidentified operatic object with 27 artists on stage. Embodying the young woman, Élise Chauvin is an actress-singer, her voice is a throbbing and panting breath. Singing is the realm of the Choir which, completed by ensemble and electronics, acts as a guide to death, based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo THöd (r) ol which means "the great guide by listening in intermediate states ”.


Wenesday, January 13, 2021Le Papillon noirThéâtre national de Bretagne

Un opéra by Yann Robin and Yannick Haenel, with Elise Chauvin, actress-singer
Ensemble Multilatérale
Les Métaboles
Léo Warynski,
musical direction