Messe un jour ordinaire



Messe d’un jour ordinaire (Mass for an ordinary day) revolves mainly around two texts: the ritual of Mass and the insignificant words of Laurence, a young woman adrift, an ordinary addict, who has now passed away, from a filmed document by Jean-Michel Carré, « Galère de femmes ». The two are confronted: the emphatic, dramatic, self-assured collective speech and the individual, modest, minimal, human and insignificant speech.

Messe d'un jour ordinaire

Bernard Cavanna,
(Premiered on December 22nd 2018)

Les Métaboles (15 singers)
Ensemble Multilatérale
Chœur du Conservatoire de Gennevilliers
Chœur du Lycée Renoir

Léo Warynski, direction